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General Description

On the first day of July 1921 the University of Dhaka opened its doors to students with Sir P.J. Hartog as the first Vice-Chancellor of the University. The University was set up in a picturesque part of the city known as Ramna on 600 acres of land.

The University started its activities with 3 Faculties,12 Departments, 60 teachers, 877 students and 3 dormitories (Halls of Residence) for the students. At present the University consists of 13 Faculties, 71 Departments, 10 Institutes, 17 dormitories, 3 hostels and more than 38 Research Centres. The number of students and teachers has risen to about 33,112 and 1,805 respectively.

The main purpose of the University was to create new areas of knowledge and disseminate this knowledge to the society through its students. Since its inception the University has a distinct character of having distinguished scholars as faculties who have enriched the global pool of knowledge by making notable contributions in the fields of teaching and research.

The high standard of education and research for the University was set by its first Vice-Chancellor, Sir P.J. Hartog when in the 2nd Convocation address he said, \"A man may be an excellent teacher of elementary subjects without the power to add to knowledge. But in advanced work I maintain that no one can really teach well unless he has the combination of imagination with critical power which leads to the original production (of knowledge), and for that if for no other reason, a university to be a true university must see that its teachers are men who are also capable of advancing knowledge.\"

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Address:     Faculty of Science, University of Dhaka, Dhaka 1000

Phone:       880-2-8613484-ext(4344/4345)

Fax:   880-2-8615583


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Phone: 02-9661900-19, 02-9661920-59 , Fax: 02-8615583

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Research Facility

The University of Dhaka is dedicated to the advancement of learning and is committed to promote research in all fields of knowledge. New research projects are undertaken every year. Six half-yearly English journals and one ten-monthly Bengali journal are published by six faculties regularly. Ten more research journals are published by individual departments.


University of Dhaka is one of the leading research institutes in Bangladesh, research in Bangladesh is dominated by two institutes: the University of Dhaka and the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) publishing 18% and 17% of all Bangladesh\'s publications, respectively.


Most importantly, the Universitys research enterprise is devoted to the search for knowledge and truth that upholds the Universitys commitment to education. This combination of activities strengthens the Universitys mission of service resulting in the continued improvement of quality of life for the citizens of Bangladesh & the rest of the world.


The University of Dhaka entered into more than 90 International Collaboration Programmes with renowned Universities and Institutes of different countries of the world.