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Establishment of a technical institution for Bangladesh Armed Forces had been a long desired need.  It had been very strongly felt since 1980\'s in view of growing demand for technical personnel in military service.  In the absence of such an institution in the Armed Forces, the military demand for technocrats was being supplemented by nomination of military officers to undergo graduation and post graduation courses at Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), former Bangladesh Institutes of Technology (BIT) and other foreign technical institutes. MIST came into existence on 19 April 1998. It throbbed into breathing when the academic programme was launched on 31 January 1999 with the maiden batch of Civil Engineering (CE). Though the pioneer batches comprised only military students (session 2001-2002), civil students (both male and female) were admitted to various disciplines from the session 2002-2003. At present most of the students are civil. MIST envisages to create facilities for military as well as civil students from home and abroad dedicated to pursue standard curriculum leading to graduation and post graduation degree.  As an institution without any gender bias, MIST is already on steady stride upholding its motto  \"Technology for Advancement\".  The institute remains committed to contributing to the wider spectrum of national educational arena and plays a significant role in the development of human resources.

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Phone: (880-2) 8035419 (Upto 14:30 hrs)

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