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Motivation on BBA

IBA graduates get the maximum advantages in job fields

Interview Date:2012-12-14

Khonika Gope

Lecturer, Institute of Business Administration (IBA)
University of Dhaka:DU.

Subject Demand

BBA is the most studied subject in Bangladesh as well as worldwide. The demand is obviously high, which is quite natural. Business organizations are always in search of competent personalities whose enthusiasm to work should match with that of the company itself. A company needs Business graduates for almost every department. Starting from branding of its products to accounting, management of its internal affairs, external affairs - every department needs strong hold personalities to boost company image.

There are a lot of job scopes and to earn well in foreign countries. Bangladeshi business graduates are now pursuing their career oversees.

Interesting Fields

Accounting and Management, Management and Information System, International Business, Banking and Insurance are some of the interesting fields to study.

Career Roles

Management and administration form the core of any business's success story, and the drivers of business management and administration are professionals who put in their expertise in managing business efficiently. Business management involves making use of a company's available resources in running and expanding the organisation's operations, while at the same time ensuring efficient delivery of services to the company's clientele. Business administration takes care of handling the smooth functioning of different company operations - finance, marketing, accounting, management of information technology, projects, branding, etc.

The major topics covered in the course include business economics, accounting principles, finance and marketing management, business law, computer fundamentals, etc. Teaching methodology includes training through project work, presentations, visits to industries and even interaction with experts from different fields. Though the course is generalist in nature, some institutes offer a specialization in the final year of study. In this case, Dhaka University is offering BBA separately for each of the specializing fields.

Job Fields

A degree in BBA equips students with the basic knowledge about corporate management and skills that help them understand the diverse functioning of a company. BBA graduates can find jobs in the sales and marketing divisions of organisations as members of sales teams or as management trainees. There are companies that recruit fresh BBA graduates, which can be a great learning opportunity for the latter. Armed with work experience, students with a BBA background can pursue Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and gain specialization in a specific management domain, though one might also follow up the BBA degree straight ahead with an MBA programme.

BBA students often require to complete internship at some company or business organization. Internship often leads to permanent contract if the performance is good and fair enough to match with the company policy.