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Motivation on PH

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Subject Demand

Since Bangladesh is a region where poverty is a major issue, so Public Health scopes are really big. Besides, scholarships on this subject is a major boost. You can get a job at government service, United Nations or any international organizations like WHO, Red Cross etc.

Interesting Fields

Perhaps the research on how to save human life is the most interesting dimention of this subject. Public Health careers offer something for everyone. Epidemiology and biostatistics involve mathematics and modeling. Environmental health includes a wide range of science skills. Health administration and community health services are careers, while getting involved with people. Health education is a teacher's field. 

Universities offering this subject
Career Roles

Public Health is the science and art of protecting and improving the health of the communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyle and research for disease and injury prevention. 

Public Health works to prevent disease before they occur.

More or less professionals take this course as a Masters course to raise the standard of their CV.

Job Fields

Government organization, international orgaizations like UN, WHO, Red Cross etc.