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Motivation on TE

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Subject Demand

The subject demand is high currently and it is anticipated that, so long Bangladesh can withhold her blessings on garments industry, this sector is going to provide jobs to a large number of students. You can work at any garments industry as an engineer, you can also work in the buying houses. You can also work in the banks as auditor for industry loans. The job sector is mainly industry based for which expertise in this field can be highly obtained from this course. The graduates are working there in numbers with a handsome salary which actually depends upon the TE knowledge accompanied by job field experience.

Interesting Fields

Technical or Hi-tech Textiles, Geo-Textiles, Medical Textiles, Sports Wear, etc.

Career Roles

80% of the foreign currency earned by Bangladesh is from Textile & Clothing sector. The course of B. Sc. in Textile Engineering provides a graduate vast knowledge about all sorts of Textile Processing starting from spinning raw fibres to yarns, followed by fabric manufacturing, wet processing, finishing and finally apparel manufacturing.Textile Production Planning & Management, Product Development, Research & Development, Textile / Apparel Marketing &Merchandising, Bank job as Auditor for Industry Loans, etc.

Job Fields

Textile and Clothing Industries (Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing, Washing, Apparel Manufacturing, etc.), Research Institutes, Laboratories, Banks, Armed Forces, Buying Houses, etc.