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Aeronautical Engineering is a specialized field and they are often paid more than other engineers like Mechanical Engineering. Also, the amount of money you are paid also depend upon the qualification and experience you have. The higher the qualification and the experience the more money you earn in your Aerospace engineering career.

Furthermore, there are many aerospace related private companies and ventures. Furthermore, airlines, aircraft maintenance, space programs around the world, defense sector constantly need aerospace engineers. You should remember that a "Well qualified aerospace engineer is never out of job". Aerospace engineering is a specialized field and often pays more that other disciplines like Mechanical Engineering. United States, Canada and Europe are among the major players in the field of Aerospace engineering where many Aerospace jobs come around the year. Furthermore, aviation companies and airlines are also on the hunt for certified aerospace and aircraft maintenance engineers. Furthermore, around the world like in Bangladesh, India, China and Pakistan aerospace is on the rise and has seen many new jobs formed in this sector.

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Aeronautical Engineering is a sub-branch of Aerospace Engineering. Aerospace Engineering is the science and engineering of flying vehicles operating within and outside of the earth's atmosphere while Aeronautical engineering is the science and engineering of flying vehicles operating within the Earth's atmosphere only like aircrafts.

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Aeronautical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering are closely related. An aerospace engineer and an aeronautical engineer are mostly taught the same curriculum at the university but certain differences in courses do exist. Like courses like space propulsion, orbital mechanics, attitude determination and control systems, satellite and space systems are not part of aeronautical engineering curriculum. Furthermore, aeronautical engineering is also more closely related to aviation. There a number of benefits in this sector.

1. You can design and work on helicopters, space stations, and lunar probes, interplanetary probes, rovers, Landers and many more.
2. You would have the personal enjoyment and satisfaction to see something that you built fly in front of you.
3. The title of calling yourself a "Rocket scientist". Aeronautical engineers are rocket scientists working on rocket systems, rocketry and propulsion also.
4. Since, Aeronautical Engineering is a specialized field so aeronautical engineers are often paid better than other fields like Mechanical Engineering.

Job Fields

Fields of Aeronautical engineering in Bangladesh are Aero Engineer Jobs, Aerodynamics Jobs, Air Traffic Control Jobs, Aircraft Interiors Jobs, Aircraft Mechanics Jobs, Airline Customer Service Jobs, Airline Management Jobs, Airline Office Jobs, Airport Baggage Jobs, Airport Jobs, Airworthiness Engineer Jobs, Apprentice Jobs, Aviation Design Jobs, Aviation Materials Jobs, Aviation Planning Jobs, Aviation Welding Jobs, Avionics Electronics Jobs, Cabin Crew Jobs, Communication Jobs, Composites Jobs, Electrician Jobs, Ex Cabin Crew Jobs, Executive Positions Jobs, Fabricator Jobs, Finance Jobs, Fitters Jobs, Flight Simulator Jobs, Freight Jobs, Graduate Jobs, Helicopter Pilot jobs, Hotel Jobs, Human Resources Jobs, Instructors Jobs, IT Jobs, Landing Gear Jobs, Logistics Jobs, Machinist Jobs, Maintenance Base Jobs, Maintenance Line Jobs, Management Jobs, Manufacturing Jobs, Marketing Jobs, Military Jobs, Office Support Jobs, Operations Jobs etc.

Having a degree in Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering the next step is to find a job. If you wish to work in the private industry in Aerospace you can use a number of resources.

1. You can ask your relevant aerospace department staff to help you out with the job. Normally, many Aerospace department collaborate with many aerospace companies both government and private. They can get you internships, co-ops and jobs at these companies. So if you know that your university is collaborating with a certain company you can use the help of your aerospace department to get a job.
2. Private aerospace industry companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Airbus, Bombardier and many more. Go to there jobs websites and apply for a job. Some jobs may require nationality requirements and security clearance.
3. Private Aviation companies and Airlines also require aerospace engineers. You can go to there websites and apply for the job.
4. Study current topics in aerospace magazines. They represent trend and growth in the aerospace sector especially the private one. If you spot a certain sector which is growing and find out about it. It is best to apply a job there you can quickly get a job.
5. Also, remember the more highly qualified you are the easier is it to get a job in the field you want and the higher you are paid.