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Motivation on Architecture

The life of a "B.Arch student" is full of practical experiences

Interview Date:2012-12-14

Md Mohataz Hossain

Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture....
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology:BUET.

Students who should take Architecture...

Students who really have passion for creative art (e.g. painting, sculpture, poem etc.) and like to appreciate art should take architecture. Moreover, the student who also enjoy cultural and social events and continuously develop himself/herself by practical knowledge through traveling and mixing with native as well as other cultures should approach to this subject. Students having creativity, basic skill of drawing, analytic mind are always in advantage in choosing this subject.

My experience...

The whole study-life of Architecture is full of practical experiences. Among them, the significant one that I like to share is: once in third year, as a project, we, the whole class had to build a life sized tent structure project with metal and fabric. While working on this project, we all learnt about total planning of a design maintaining subgroup works, innovating and designing new details of the structure, budgeting, utilizing the available materials, procurement management, installing, finishing etc. Overall documentation was also a part of the work. I should say through this " 20 days" onsite installation projects we learnt a lot about architecture and spent a pleasant time as a team.

Life of an architecture student...

Again I should say the life of a B.Arch. student is full of practical experiences. From the beginning students start their design projects with two dimensional paper works and finally finish their last project at the end of their undergraduate life by a significant issue-based practical design projects or thesis with three dimensional models, presentation in front of the jury board. This undergraduate program is design-based; in each of the ten consecutive terms, in five levels, the "Design Studio" courses are assigned with highest credit hours. There are also support studio courses on architectural graphics, visual communication, photography, construction details, interior design, landscape design, computer applications etc. which provide the students with necessary skills and technical knowledge bases considered essential for the respective design studios. Theory courses, both compulsory and optional, are offered with relevance to the design studios on History and Theory, Environment, Housing and Urbanism, Human Settlement, Urban Design and special topics like Industrial Building Design, Health Care Facilities, Educational Buildings, Professional Practice etc.

Approach to higher studies...

Architecture is a subject which also gives the scope of higher studies. Being an architect, one can also get local or overseas masters to develop one's expertise in certain field. PhDcan also be pursued in a field of one's interest related to Architecture which may lead one to implementation oriented scientific researches. For this one must know his field of interest and need to synchronize it with global study sector and opportunities.

Scholarships, your approach...

Till now, I approached for scholarships in the UK and Australia. Among them I got a scholarship from a university in Australia. First of all, I had to select some universities where scope of doing researches is high in my specific field of interest. Knowing about the academic stuff under whose supervision I can pursue my research and their research publication is always important. Surfing internet is always useful in this regard.

PhD field/topic...

My field for PhD is Green and sustainable built environment with a special focus on energy efficiency.

Research fields and prospects...

Now-a-days we are more concerned about the climate change and lack of resources. In this regard, a lot of researches are going on in various contexts to mitigate the adverse effect. Moreover, funding on this topic is relatively available. The current research streams are usually Energy and Environment, History, Human behavior, Theory and Criticism, Human Settlement, Urban Design and Various special topics such as Health Facilities: Planning and Design, Safety and Security in Buildings, Educational Facilities: Planning and Design etc.

Subject Demand

There is acute shortage of trained architects who can fulfill the current requirement. Private construction companies require trained architects who can carry out various construction projects and for that these companies are willing to pay handsome salaries. Professionally trained and qualified architects have plenty of options working with consultancy companies, architect firms, universities etc. International market particularly the USA, Dubai, Australia and prominent European countries offer attractive career for architecture professionals.

Interesting Fields

Career Roles

Architect: Literally an architect is someone who has got training from an architecture institute on the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings. Generally, architects are licensed to practice architecture. An architect either can work independently or for some architecture company or real estate developing firm.

Architecture Designer: Architecture designers are the professionals who are involved in designing houses and other small buildings. However, these are not registered like an architect but perform various jobs such as designing buildings, designing light-frame buildings including of family homes, agricultural buildings, etc. Some additional duties for architecture designers may include designing of decorative facades malls or big to small sized buildings.

Architecture Engineer: These professionals have dual qualification of architect and a civil engineer. The duty to provide the services of an architect and engineer, such professionals have attractive demand in job market.

Interior Designer:
Contrary to general belief that the career in interior designing belongs to women, men found it attractive and do courses in interior designing, interior decor, etc. Trained professionals can work with interior designing firms offering services in serene interiors, home interior, bedroom interior, bathroom interior, kitchen, furniture designing, etc.

Job Fields

The fresh graduates from architecture either do a job in some architectural firms or do some other good jobs. Some of them do freelancing. It is suggested that an architect should do a job in some firm for at least 2 years otherwise he/she cannot be a member of Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) because it requires a training under an architect of IAB.