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Motivation on APECE

Interview Date:


Subject Demand

Just look at the Job Fields, you will understand the demand of this subject. Apart from that, there are other issues involving the demand of a subject.

Research Areas:
Electronics, Computer networks, Telecommunication, Wireless Communication, Cellular and Satellite Communication, Semiconductor Technology and Devices, Renewable Energy Technology, Intelligent System Engineering, Digital signal processing, Instrumentation, Robotics, Biomedical Technology,Nano Technology, Semiconductor technology, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Optics, Quantum Thermodynamics, Opto-electronics and many more. etc.
Higher field of studies from APECE:
M.S/ PhD in EEE, CSE. Microwave/ satellite oriented communication, Nuclear Engineering, Robotics, Biomedical Physics, Theoretical Physics, Physics, Astrophysics, Renewable Energy Technology, Microelectronics, Nano electronics, Control System Engineering etc.

Interesting Fields

While in general power plant, energy conversion, power system, high voltage engineering are thought as the core part of EEE; signal processing, control system, modulation of information, fiber optic communication etc are core part of ECE.

You can study and contribute in the digitization of Bangladesh by improving it's Telecom sector. 3G is just the beginning, 3.5G, 4G and many things are going to be introduced by you in Bangladesh that will help Bangladesh in globalization. And we can expect that in near future Bangladesh will also contribute in Satellite sector;a new era will start for us. And we believe it will come because our students are talented and will utilize their ability while studying in APECE/APEE/ECE/ETE

Career Roles

Applied Physics is a general term for physics which is intended for a particular technological or practical use. It is usually considered as a bridge or a connection between "pure" physics and engineering. And due to this immense relationship with Engineering, the subject has been changed a lot with various of courses in Electronics and Communication field of study.

A 4 year B.Sc program of APECE/APEE is divided in 3 groups/2 major groups of study i.e. (1) Applied Physics; (2) Electronics and (3) Communication. In the universities the course starts with Applied Physics and later, the students are involved in studying other parts of subjects.

Applied physics is rooted in the fundamental truths and basic concepts of the physical sciences but is concerned with the utilization of these scientific principles in practical devices and systems. Applied physicists can also be interested in the use of physics for scientific research.

Electronic and Communication Engineering can be thought of as a compact part and it is a derivative of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. ECE is a strong branch of EEE that is getting very prominence all over the world in recent times. From a point-of-view, electrical engineers are usually concerned with electricity and transmitting electric power, while electronic engineers are concerned with using electricity to process information. And communication engineers do the process of transferring information across a channel from one entity to another in the best possible ways. Telecommunication is a branch or specific sector of communication.

Job Fields

1. Telecommunication and Mobile companies
2. Bangladesh Radio (Radio Engineer)
3. BCS Telecom Cadre
4. Scientific Officer at BAEC
5. Scientific Officer, BCSIR
6. BCS Economic Cadre( Assistant Chief)
7. Petro Bangla ( Assistant Manager, Electronics)
8. Software Companies and Networking
9. Bio Medical Instrumentation Engineer
10. General Cadre Service, PSC (BCS)
In abroad- Communication Engineer in Telecom and Satellite sector and Wireless Communication, Microwave Engineer.