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Motivation on Phy

Physics is the mother of all sciences & technologies...'www' was first invented by physicists.

Interview Date:Aug 29, 2013 21:20 pm

Dr. A.F.M. Yusuf Haider

Professor, Department of Physics
University of Dhaka:DU.

Subject Demand

Until the doomsday, human race will continue to explore and do research on new paradigms of the earth. So if you think of a career whose demand should not end or mitigate, its Physics. Research is in the blood of a physicist.

Interesting Fields

Please have a look at the Career Roles section. That will give a pretty basic idea about the interesting fields. Apart from that, a new subject called Theoretical Physics has emerged and it is doing pretty well in terms of research and analysis.

Career Roles

Environment: Physics is vital to understanding everything from the Earth's core to the very top of the atmosphere. Whether you want to be a storm chaser, investigate volcanoes for a living, develop new renewable energy technology, study how climate change is affecting the penguin populations or keep tabs on the size of the Sahara Desert - studying physics is the route to huge range of exciting careers in environmental science.
Space: You could become a cosmologist and investigate the evolution of the universe; a planet hunter who searches for habitable planets around other stars; an astrophysicist who searches for dark matter and black holes, or an engineer that designs satellites or robots that land on other planets. That means you can safely switch to any engineering discipline after you have graduated from Physics.
Energy: Concerns about climate change coupled with the decreasing supply of fossil fuels means that there is a growing imperative to reduce global energy consumption and develop new ways of generating electricity. People with a background in physics will play a vital role in everything from improving existing technology to make it more energy efficient to developing new technology such as nuclear fusion reactors.
Education: If you enjoy physics and want to share your enthusiasm for the subject with others, then perhaps a career in education is for you. Teaching is rewarding job, and one that gives you the freedom to be creative and organize your own work. It also gives you the chance use your knowledge to influence the thinking of a whole generation - all while providing a socially valuable service with a secure, long-term future. Physics teachers in particular are in demand and receive additional financial support during their training. Need inspiration? Google search "Walter Lewin" and see one or two of his lectures, see the enthusiasm that this man gets in teaching Physics.
Games: If you have played fancy games starting from Fifa to Need for Speed, your brain should automatically click to this fact; these aren't going to be possible unless you know enough Physics, how bodies collide and in which direction with how much force an object should go. So Physicists have a good demand at Gaming design studios if you are passionate enough.
Anything: Physics provides such a broad training that whatever career you have in mind, physics will stand you in good stead. All employers value the skills that physics develops: an ability to grasp things quickly, a determination to find coherent answers, along with problem-solving, analytical, mathematical and IT skills. Studying physics is an excellent way of keeping your options open.

Job Fields

Please see "Career Roles" section.