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Motivation on Ch.E

Chemical Engineering is a versatile and challenging discipline.

Interview Date:Aug 04, 2013 20:16 pm

Dr. Mohidus Samad Khan

Post-Doctoral Fellow, SENTINEL Bioactive Paper Network, Department of Chemistry
McGill University:MGU.

Who should take Chemical Engineering...

Chemical Engineering is a versatile and challenging discipline, which is suitable for the students with strong perception and interest in mathematics, physical-chemistry, applied chemistry, physics, bio-chemistry, and/or petroleum engineering.

Experiences on studying this subject...

I enjoyed the Industrial trainings organized from the department, and final year Thesis and Design projects which gave me a good opportunity to have hands-on engineering and research training.

Participation in local/international competitions...

In our time in BUET, we did not have such local or international competition offered or organized by the department. But the situation has improved, and currently, there are quite a few local and international competitions organized for Bangladesh Chemical Engineering students, such as: Poster Competition, Thesis Competition and Design Competition.

Preparations for higher studies...

I followed university ranking and application processes since my third year. I always concentrated on the quality of the University rather than its geographical location (country).

Scholarship, your approach...

I received fully funded research scholarship for my PhD work (2006 to 2010) which covered my tuition fees (around $28,000) and living cost (around $20,500). I applied to different ranked universities in USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Sweden. Out of the few potential options, I chose Monash University, Australia to pursue my PhD research.

Worldwide Monash University has good reputation. It is a prestigious university which consistently ranked amongst the top universities in Australia as well as rest of the world. It is a member of the prestigious "Group of Eight", a group of the most research intensive universities in Australia. MonashChE has strong and intensive research programs and resources. Last but not the least, it offers good scholarship so that research student can fully focus research.

PhD topic/field...

I have completed my PhD in "Bioactive Papers: Printing, Activity and Stability". The research objective was to investigate the fundamental and applied issues involved in the development of stable and functional bioactive papers and paper fluidic devices for health and environmental diagnostics, such as: instantaneous blood typing devices. Bioactive paper is a revolutionary technology as the price of the device is typically 1000 times cheaper than competitive technologies, enabling large scale-high impact applications that were previously unthinkable.

Research prospects...

My PhD research work will contribute to the cheap manufacturing of high quality bioassays for health and environmental applications and low cost paper diagnosis. This will be especially useful in third world countries. This work has already generated few international patents, several high quality research publications, and won several national and international awards and research grants.

Subject Demand

Find out which industry is not using any chemicals for any type of its production. If you find any, that will be the one which will not require Chemical Engineers. Apart from that, almost every industries require Chemical Engineers. So the demand for Chemical Engineers is high. Now-a-days, demand for engineers thinking \"green\" is also high. It means that if you are environmentally conscious and are able to talk chemically, there\'s high chance you will get hired in top companies both locally and internationally.

Local companies like pharmaceuticals, foods and beverage manufacturers, plastic and utensils manufacturers, cement industries, textile and garment industries, oil companies like Padma, Jamuna etc. almost everywhere chemical engineers can work.

Interesting Fields

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Career Roles

Some chemical engineers make designs and invent new processes. Some construct instruments and facilities. Some plan and operate facilities. Chemical engineers have helped develop atomic science, polymers, paper, dyes, drugs, plastics, fertilizers, foods, petrochemicals... pretty much everything. They devise ways to make products from raw materials and ways to convert one material into another useful form. Chemical engineers can make processes more cost effective or more environmentally friendly or more efficient. As you can see, a chemical engineer can find a niche in any scientific or engineering field.

Job Fields

Please see Career Roles and Subject Demand for this section.