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Reasons to Apply at Pharm, BRAC University

The professional opportunities and scopes that have been created for the pharmacy graduates in this context are enormous. Pharmacists working for pharmaceutical research, manufacturing, and distribution firms become involved in virtually every phase of drug product development, clinical testing, production, marketing, and management functions. Their knowledge of the basic and pharmaceutical sciences, dosage form design, and the technical aspects of production fits well with this major function of industrial pharmacy firms. Pharmacists with advanced degrees in the basic or pharmaceutical sciences, or in other areas of health care administration, marketing, law, or medicine contribute to their industrial employers in their respective areas of expertise.

In addition to the areas of drug research, product development , and production, many pharmacists in industry work in such varied areas as drug materials procurement; in public, trade, or professional relations; as scientific, technical, or professional information specialists; in liaison work with governmental agencies, educational or research institutions, or professional organizations; or in marketing, advertising, promotion, or pharmaceutical sales.

In government service, pharmacists perform professional and administrative functions, as in the development and implementation of health care programs in the design and enforcement of regulations involving drug quality standards, good manufacturing practices, and drug distribution and utilization practices. Pharmacists also practice their profession in government supported hospitals, clinics, and specialized health care institutions.

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