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During my undergrad at BUET, I used to be busy with numerous projects beyond the academic requirements

Created on: 2012-12-14

K M Masum Habib

PhD Student, Department of Electrical Engineering
University of California, Riverside:UC

Experience about EEE and activities in undergrad life...

During my high school days, one of my hobbies was electronics. My friends and I used to make circuits like radios, amplifiers for cassette player and all those fun stuff. It was fun. My interest in electronics grew up during this time. During my college days, however, my interest shifted to computers and I started learning programming. So, for me the subject choice at BUET was natural: (1) CSE (2) EEE.

I had to choose EEE since I was not qualified for CSE. At first, I was disappointed but later I enjoyed EEE very much. I had a chance to understand how my childhood projects work. Also, I had a chance to do a lot more sophisticated and fun projects. I was very much into programming and computers as well. Besides C/C++, I learned databases, graphical user interface programming using Visual C++, MFC, Win32 etc. During my undergrad at BUET, I used to be busy with numerous projects beyond the academic requirements. All kinds of projects: software, simulation, microcontroller, power electronics, communication of all sorts. I spent hours learning new stuff (from Win32 library to phase locked loop), tinkering and troubleshooting C/C++ codes, project boards and circuit boards.

During my second year, my friends (Sohag, Mikail and others) and I started a software/hardware firm which is now known as Pi Labs.

Participation in local/international competitions...

I participated in the 2005 International Future Energy Challenge competition from BUET.

Higher studies and scholarships...

In general, the preparation for higher studies (admission to graduate schools) consists of four parts: (1) CGPA, (2) GRE and TOEFL, (3) Research and publication and (4) finding universities/research groups.

During my 4th year, I was lucky enough to have Prof. Anisul Haque and Prof. Quazi D. M. Khosru as my thesis supervisors. This was my first research experience. We published paper in the IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices.

I started to prepare for GRE and TOEFL in mid 2008. I only had a very short time for GRE and TOEFL and studying for it was very boring thing to do. I started searching the internet for research groups in the area of my interest during mid 2008. I created a short list of universities for application. I contacted some professors of these universities. Prof Roger Lake from the University of California, Riverside replied and encouraged me to apply. Afterwards I applied and got admitted. I chose Prof Lake's group because my research interest matches to his group's research.

Research field and current research trends...

Researchers from all over the world are trying to make smaller transistors in order to pack more of those inside the integrated circuits like processors and memories. I am trying to be one of those researchers. My research interests include understanding, modeling and simulation of quantum phenomena in nano-scaled electronic devices. Currently, my research is primarily focused on the quantum transport in novel bilayer Graphene based electronic devices. I have conceptualized a novel transistor which is capable of a huge performance boost over the traditional MOSFET.

Graduate life at University of California, Riverside (UCR) is quite different. The activities here are more focused on research, learning new stuff, writing and reading papers. I also do some programming for my simulations.