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Lawyers are learned.They have to study a lot. Also history tells us that lawyers are leaders.

Created on: Aug 23, 2013 12:50 pm

Sayma Tahmin

Barrister-at-law (Lincolns Inn) UK, Department of Law
South East University

To become a barrister what kind of knowledge one must have beforehand?

Lawyers are called learned. Those who have the habit of studying regularly, sheer determination of studying should go for this career as a lawyer has to be in practice all the time. One must know national, international laws, economics, society, politics all of these. One must have interest to know all these and must be eager to learn new things. And also one should have a good writing habit. Nonetheless, one will be studying the subject for 4 or 5 years so there are scopes to develope these skills.

What kind of qualities should one have?

One must have good communication skill. As a lawyer has to represent himself, has to impress the judge, convince the client, oral skill is very important.  But he can learn it better in the 4/5 year curriculum also.

Can students be affiliated with interesting fields? Like national or international competition or field trip?

Debate can be of great importance for a student in this field. There are also international competitions. One can have the opportunity to visit the court to see how everything works, how he can present himself before the judge.

In which way this profession is progressive? Mathematical/ Logical/ Practical/ Theoretical?

This profession is theoretical as well as practical. One must know all the national, international laws, he must know the application of the laws. And of course he has to be logical as he has to help the client.

What can a student become after studying law?

There are many options. He can be a practicing lawyer. He can work in many sectors like corporate, criminal, landlord, human rights. After completing L.L.M. one must collect a certificate from the bar council to practice law. But initially he must work under a senior or in a law chamber to gain experience. After developing his skills there, he can work independently. Besides these, there are also options in public and private sectors. In case of public service, he can work as an assistant judge under judicial service commission. In private sectors, multinational companies need legal advisors as well as NGOs or INGOs also provide opportunities.  

What is the job outlook in home and abroad?

In terms of high payment, lawyers are always ahead. Payments vary around  50,000- 1, 00000. But initially the payments are not much.  The first 1 or 2 years are a bit struggling period. After being experienced money is earned case wise. So the struggling period is over then.

Is there any popular firm in home and abroad where working is like a dream come true for students? 

There are many INGOs where they need legal consultants. Moreover there are ample opportunities in business sectors.

What are the chances of becoming an entrepreneur?

Lawyers are leaders.  Initially lawyers work in a chamber under a senior to gain experience. Then having gained some skills, he is free to start his own chamber. In this way he becomes an entrepreneur and provides employment for many people as well.

What are the scopes for higher studies? Which subjects can he study? Which universities are appropriate?

After completing L.L.M he can opt for many scholarships though there are limited scopes here. To become a barrister one can go to Europe or Australia. In UK one has to be a British graduate, so he can study there or can complete his studies externally from here. There are City University, College of law where you need 7.5 in IELTS to get admission.