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Different companies are in need of IPE engineers.

Created on: 2012-12-14

Md. Ahsan Habib

Lecturer, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology:KUET


Definitely one must be very good at physics, chemistry and mathematics.

About IPE...

Very shortly IPE is an optimization subject. There are two things related in IPE. One is Industrial Engineering and the other is Production Engineering. One might be confused with the term "Industrial Engineering". In this section, we deal with the optimization factors. To produce maximum output from the limited resources, the mathematical calculations needed for the optimization is what industrial engineers deal with. And production engineering is related to the production of the final products from the raw materials. For example, we wear a shoe manufactured from raw leather. Though leather can be bought at 2000 taka but a shoe made from that leather is sold at 4000 taka. So some extra value has been added to this product following some steps. The intermediate steps are dealt in production engineering. Let me tell you something about our fields. We also work at hospitals. There, the IPE engineers have to decide which patient should be going first to visit the doctor. We do that by line balancing or a scheduling system. We have another interesting field, oil and petroleum. There we deal with the safety issues. We teach safety issues in IPE courses. Mainly we deal with the fact that how we can achieve maximum safety with minimum resources.

Is the subject mathematical/logical/theoretical?

Mathematics and computer programming are very very important for IPE. I repeat, IPE students must be good at mathematics and programming. Because when we do the optimization, we need to implement some necessary algorithms with programming languages. And to build up the algorithm we need a strong mathematical basement. Besides, nowadays everything is complicated and composed of no less than fifty other factors. So calculation by hand is not enough. Computer programming is must.

Jobs and Job sectors...

Lets talk about two factors. Firstly what is the probability of finding jobs and then the security of the jobs. We all know that IPE has been expanding a lot nowadays. Different universities are introducing their IPE department. The main reason behind this is that different companies are in need of lots of IPE engineers. You will be glad to hear some examples. Unilever Bangladesh, Bangladesh Oxygen Corporation, Chevron Bangladesh and some other big companies have distinct section called "IE". And they are recruiting only the IE engineers in this section. Other than these, Industrial and Production engineers have a great demand in garments sector. So possibility of getting a job is so high. But, to keep your job safe is your duty. If you can not prove yourself that you are potential why would they give you money? About the salary, it depends on where you started. If you start in Unilever you might start with a 55 thousand taka scale. If you go to Kohinoor Chemicals they will not pay you more than 25 thousand taka at the beginning.

Higher Studies...

Everyone wants to mention USA, Canada, Australia or Japan as their first choice. Only in America at least 95% universities have IE. Its position is even 2nd or 3rd in America since optimization is a key factor in today's world. In Canada about 70% universities offer degrees on IE. Also in Australia and Japan, IPE subject is offered. So if you want to go abroad I would suggest your CGPA should be no less than 3.50 and you also need GRE, TOEFL etc.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership...

IPE is the only subject of engineering where you must take a course on "Entrepreneurship & Leadership" of 4.5 credits. So I think you can understand how much feasible the subject is in case of being an entrepreneur.